Semi-Dedicated Server

VPS Server Reseller

With Resellers Panel, you can effortlessly become a virtual private web server (VPS) reseller by plainly joining ResellersPanel's totally automated hosting reseller program, which is in fact free to sign up with. Thus, you will be able to offer discounted virtual hosting servers to your end customers, without needing to purchase the VPS servers yourself beforehand, which is quite decisive. This will spare you all the funds that normally have to be spent by everyone who wishes to be a VPS server reseller.

Virtual Servers - No Monthly Reseller Fees

Here is what each and every ResellersPanel's web hosting reseller will obtain after a quick registration procedure on ResellersPanel's website:
- No startup taxes or reseller prepayments at all
- Trade VPS web server accounts without the need to pay for them beforehand (no monthly down payments!)
- Set your very own prices on OpenVZ and Virtuozzo driven VPS web hosting server plans
- Benefit from the 24x7x365 technical support provision on behalf of your hosting company name

OpenVZ & Virtuozzo Driven Virtual Web Servers

ResellersPanel's private virtual web servers (VPSs) are supplied with OpenVZ and Parallels Virtuozzo virtualization systems. They are the ideal solution for users who would like to combine the force of a dedicated web hosting server with the affordability and simplicity of a shared website hosting plan. The virtual server web hosting platform permits a physical hosting server to be split into numerous Virtual Private Servers that work completely independently of each other in terms of working environment and functionalities. With each VPS hosting server your customers will get SSH and root level access to their own private virtual web server environment. Plus, your VPS hosting server customers can resort to the managed VPS web hosting support solutions. At any moment they wish.

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS & Hepsia CP Powered Virtual Private Server Web Hosting Services

Resellers' virtual hosting server clients can also pick from among 3 OSs: Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. There are 3 web page hosting CP setup options: Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin. In this group Hepsia is our favorite web hosting CP. Hepsia boasts a truly powerful Domain Manager, an Email Manager and a point-and-click File Manager. With Hepsia, resellers' customers can host unmetered TLDs. Please pay heed to this uncomfortable fact about the cPanel and DirectAdmin Control Panels: with them, there is no such thing as a Domain Manager. Can you imagine this? Also, the Hepsia CP is included by default in every VPS web hosting server account, included at no additional charge. This detail matters, because it saves your customers at least 10 dollars/month for licence taxes (cPanel resellers in fact ask for thirteen dollars/month, have a gaze at to observe it with your own eyes). Hepsia not just performs way better than the old-fashioned cPanel, but it's also included at no additional charge. Hepsia operates with all Linux Operating Systems available with all virtual private hosting server packages: Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS.

cPanel/DirectAdmin Control Panel Based VPS Web Server Hosting Packages

Unfortunately, both cPanel and DirectAdmin site hosting Control Panels function only with the CentOS Linux distribution and do not sport any built-in domain management tools for domain registration and transfer purposes. That is not everything. cPanel costs 10 dollars/month atop the selected Linux Virtual Private Server hosting plan's cost. If you like the cPanel VPS hosting platform (we certainly don't admire cPanel, due to the way too many login places and the absence of domain name management sections), then the extra fee of $10 dollars per month for the cPanel license on top of the selected private virtual server web hosting package's cost should not be an immense problem, should it?

Weekly Backed up VPS Servers

ResellersPanel's virtual private web server hosting plans offer you and your Linux VPS web hosting clients all the functionalities required to create a completely autonomous web hosting environment. Your clients will even have the opportunity to request a hosting Control Panel activation. That way, they will be able to administer their virtual hosting server as if they were administering a conventional web space hosting account. Your customers could have recourse to the elective management services in case they need help when installing additional custom software on their VPS server or would like their private virtual web hosting server to be backed up on a weekly basis.

UK, United States and Australian Based VPSs

This is amazing. Without spending any funds, all web hosting resellers of ResellersPanel's can resell private virtual web hosting servers that are physically situated in server farm facilities located on 3 continents: America- in the USA, Europe - in the United Kingdom, and Australia. Thus covering the richest ninety five percent of the globe's residents. Very few hosting corporations such as LONEX HOSTING, for example, offer numerous server farm locations. Extremely few reseller hosting companies like ResellersPanel, for example, offer multiple datacenter locations. Now, of all the reseller web hosting suppliers on the marketplace, only ResellersPanel provides private virtual server reseller services in multiple data centers: in the USA, in the United Kingdom and in Australia.

ResellersPanel - The Reseller Web Hosting Automation Guru

ResellersPanel should probably be referred to as 'Mr. Has It All' - when it comes to different kinds of domain name and website hosting solutions being offered at one and the same place. The VPS web hosting servers are not the sole web hosting service you can offer with ResellersPanel at wholesale prices and under your own web hosting company name - you can also sell semi-dedicated hosting servers and dedicated web hosting servers, shared web hosting packages, domain names and SSLs.