Semi-Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Reseller

With the hosting reseller solutions available at ResellersPanel, you'll discover the most advantageous, and the most economical way to become a dedicated server reseller. You will not need to pay any charges up front, be a web hosting server management adept or have any avant-garde tech capabilities.

Dedicated Web Servers Reseller - No Reseller Part Payments Demanded.

ResellersPanel's unique hosting reseller system enables you to run your own hosting corporation and operate as a dedicated web hosting server reseller after merely a simple, free signup process. As soon as you become a reseller under the Free Hosting Reseller Program, you will be able to promote dedicated hosting servers without ever having to invest a single cent in them. All you will need to do to realize profits from them is to determine your very own retail hosting price atop ResellersPanel's wholesale hosting price. The difference between the wholesale and the retail prices will be your income each time you close a dedicated web server transaction.

ResellersPanel - A Turn-Key Reseller Solution.

And to render it even simpler for the resellers, ResellersPanel permits them to sell also VPSs, semi-dedicated servers, shared hosting solutions, SSL certificate and domain registration solutions. To promote them, you can utilize ResellersPanel's ready-to-use storefront site themes. You can also avail of your own custom built web page thanks to the remote order forms and the Reseller API functionality supplied by ResellersPanel.