Semi-Dedicated Server

Semi-Dedicated Server

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.WE.BS ccTLD Reselling and Hosting Options

The .WE.BS ccTLD is the country code top level domain name for the Bahamas. This particular second level domain name is the cheapest extensions you can get from ResellersPanel is an ICANN Accredited Registrar. The price is only and the SLD itself is very popular because of its connection to the word "webs". You will be able to provide registration and transfer services bundled with whois protection with any of the domain names reseller programs.

Bahamas Domain Registration

Other TLDs will be available in those programs. We offer more than 40 different domain name types such as .NET for networks, .INFO for news portals, .BIZ for businesses, .COM.AU for Australian domain names, .CO.UK for UK domain names, .EU for Europe domains and many more. The best part is that under the Free Resellers Program the resellers will have the ability to offer preferred currencies to their customer such as $, £, €, C$, A$. This is possible thanks to the fully automatic multi-currency billing system which we have designed for the convenience.

Even though the cPanel Hosting Resellers is not covered by the billing system, we provide the cPanel resellers with their own ClientExec billing software for free so they can bill their customers in whichever currency they see fit.

Here you will be able to learn whats what for one of the hosting services with which you can offer the .WE.BS domain name type. That service in particular is called Semi-Dedicated Server plans (Semi-dedicated 1 and Semi-dedicated 2) which cost and respectively (prices are on monthly basis). This is just one of the reseller hosting platforms. Join us for Free, start your own web hosting company and learn the full potential for profit from re-selling domain names and hosting services.Semi-Dedicated Servers Hosting

Resell the .WE.BS ccTLD with Semi-Dedicated Server packages

The .WE.BS domains & Semi-Dedicated Servers can be resold from any Free Reseller Program member. Its main purpose is to offer higher hardware resources as well as unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The Semi-Dedicated Server program operates like a large Shared Hosting Plan with the same control panel. At some points it can easily surpass the hardware power of the Virtual Private Servers (generally reffered to as VPS). Only the Dedicated Servers can surpass the the Semi-Dedicated servers in any way but the pricing: Semi-Dedicated one is only per month and Semi-Dedicated two is per month.

It is ideal package to upgrade if you already are using the resources of the Linux hosting plan to the limit. The Semi Dedicated Servers will surpass any shared hosting solutions easily.

The Semi-Dedicated Servers can be perfect solution for any high-traffic websites that you are looking accommodation for.

Web Hosting Services

Having a site these days is fundamental when it comes to sharing opinions, promoting a new business or simply remaining up to date with the newest vogues. As electronic mails have replaced paper letters a long time ago and users look for pretty much everything online, it is a smart idea to devise a website where individuals can become informed about you or your business - this is a way to get closer to them, to show them what you think or what you provide. Let us have a glance at what you need in order to kick off a site and the various web hosting services that allow you to achieve that.

Reliable Web Hosting

In the modern dynamic online world, it is essential to choose a reliable hosting provider that will do everything possible to offer a quick, steady and reliable hosting services. A website will allow you to reach millions of people regardless of their location or what time it is, so you can lure brand new clients, trade ideas with inspired people or just share your interests with the world. For all that, you require a hosting distributor that will guarantee the uptime of the web site, or you will lose the viewers you have in case your web portal suffers network outages too regularly or for lengthy spells of time.

Top Hosting

Website hosting is the service that makes it tenable for a web page to be up and running and reachable from any country on earth. A lot of persons and corporations at present have a web portal. It permits them to reach millions of individuals at any time of the day or night, discovering brand new partners or winning prospective customers. Generally, the dependability and the uptime of an online portal are almost as essential as its appearance or content. No matter how good-looking a web site may be, if it is often inaccessible or doesn’t work properly, a lot of visitors will plainly forsake it as an unreliable one. So, it is important to find a web hosting service provider, which offers solid and dependable hosting services, and which makes sure that the online portals it hosts are up and running around the clock.

VPS Server Reseller

With Resellers Panel, you can effortlessly become a virtual private web server (VPS) reseller by plainly joining ResellersPanel's totally automated hosting reseller program, which is in fact free to sign up with. Thus, you will be able to offer discounted virtual hosting servers to your end customers, without needing to purchase the VPS servers yourself beforehand, which is quite decisive. This will spare you all the funds that normally have to be spent by everyone who wishes to be a VPS server reseller.